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Wire Drawing Dies

  • Repair and Maintenance of Diamond Wire Drawing Dies


    service recutting wire drawing dies Diamond wire drawing dies are essential tools for producing high-quality wires used in various industries such as telecommunications, construction, and automotiv...

  • Customized Shaped TC Wire Drawing Dies


    To choose a tungsten steel extrusion die for wire drawing, the following factors should be considered: Material: The main material for tungsten steel extrusion dies is tungsten steel, but different...

  • PCD wire die compare with TC wire die


    PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) wire dies and TC (Tungsten Carbide) wire dies are both used in wire drawing processes, but they have some key differences in terms of their material properties, perfor...

  • How to order tungsten carbide TC drawing dies


    Ordering tungsten carbide drawing dies typically involves the following steps: Determine your requirements: You need to know the specific type, size, and dimensions of the tungsten carbide drawing ...

  • Description Wire drawing dies


    ND Natural Diamonds Wire Drawing Dies  1.Made from high quality natural diamond 2.111 orientated and well reinforced 3.Best die surface finish. 4.Best quality finish on drawn wi...

  • NCDC Nano Stranding Bunching Compacting Wire Die


    VNT NCDC Nano Diamond Coating stranding bunchine compacting Wire Drawing Dies The NCDC die is widely used for stranding, compacting and bunching the wires, which is used in cable industry. MN ...

  • PCD Polycrystalline Diamond Wire Drawing Dies


    Polycrystalline diamonds are man-made sintered diamonds. Diamond wire dies with PCD blanks can be used for ferrous and non-ferrous wire drawing applications and for virtually any type of wet a...

  • CVD DC Nano Diamond Wire Drawing Die


    CVD diamond is Chemical Vapor Deposition polycrystalline diamond material different from PCD wire drawing dies. The ultra-smooth layer of diamond on a tungsten carbide die ensures the smoothest wir...

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